Michael Strevel Fitness has always been in Michael Strevel’s genes. His father was in the industry for two decades which helped spark his own curiosity. Always seeking out adventure sports: racing, climbing and mountain biking, he realized that this intensity had a place in the gym. That’s when he began honing his skills to understand the limits of his own body and how he could help others embrace their own definition of strength.


Now, with 10 years of experience, Michael has made his mark as a fitness and personal training expert. His philosophy of tried-and-true techniques paired with tailored programs that compliment the lifestyle of his clients is what makes them strive. He has worked with athletes, actors and those that are serious about growth. Always asking for dedication and the full attention of those he trains, he in turn, promises to expose them to a comprehensive fitness paradigm. And, with experience teaching everything from high intensity classes, bootcamps and spin, he knows the importance of building a balanced workout plan.


You can find him at David Barton’s New York flagship Limelight location in Chelsea and teaching Shredded, one of his favorite, advanced level classes that he created for the gym which will take anyone to the edge of exhaustion through aggressive, intense music paired with fundamental moves.


Michael is also a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness and was named as one of Racked’s Hottest Trainers in 2014. He has been featured in Vogue, Mashable and a variety of fitness and lifestyle outlets.


He is a Specialist trainer and certified in NASM CPT-CES, kettlebell, vintage barbell and dumbbell, suspension, as well as spin and many others.